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Tournament of Champions Finally Delivers with Good Weather and Great Games

TOC 2_12_recap

After a long 3 month of waiting, Guns & Hoses was able to pick up where it left off by finishing the 2011 season. The original T.O.C. event, scheduled back in November, was cancelled due to heavy rains and flooded fields. Unfortunately we were at the mercy of the Parks department and were forced to accept the next available make up date this past Saturday. This second round T.O.C. attempt was played under sunny skies with dry fields. The usual Guns & Hoses atmosphere was alive and well with great camaraderie, close battles and good times. DJ "G" Spot was rockin the tunes while Rated athletics was slangin' softball equipment and the Massage Zone was rejuvenating off season muscles.

There was a lot at stake in the prize package department for the annual TOC. On the line was the 2011 season long points battle for a team set of Worth bats, which was still up for grabs in all 3 divisions going into this final TOC round. Also up for grabs was a complete team set of custom dri-fit uniforms for each TOC division champions. Pool Play saw 5 of the 8 pools go 1 and 1 so they came down to run differential and went something like this...


1. NAVY "Gov't Issue" 2-0
2. OCSD "Hitmen" 1-1
3. Torrance PD 0-2

Ventura SO "Outlaws" 1-1
West Coast Posse 1-1
CHP "Pound Da Gap" 1-1


Edwards AFB "Rattlers" 1-1
Oxnard PD "Regulators" 1-1
"Mixed Nuts" 1-1

LAXPD "Bravo Tango" 2-0
DHS "Lowballer" 1-1
Burbank Fire 0-2

Unlawful Assembly 1-1
Riverside County "Heat" 1-1
Fed Fire "Bad Axes" 1-1


LASD PDC South "Diamondbacks" 2-0
Los Bandits 1-1
HBPD "Blues" 0-2

USBP "Odd Squad" 1-1
Rincon Fire 1-1
Santa Monica Fire 1-1


LA County Probation SEO 1-1
US Postal Inspection 1-1
Cal Fire "Hooks & Hoses" 1-1


The D1 championship game saw a match up of 2 big gun regulars; NAVY Gov't Issue" and OCSD "Hitmen". In typical softball fashion, the victory came down to a couple of heavy hitting performance innings. Although most of the game was tight "Gov't Issue" had 2 major league innings that gave them the upper hand. The sheriff's responded with a series of solid runs that kept them in contention but it wasn't enough to match the heavy artillery of the Navy giving "Gov't Issue" the decisive victory with a final 28-19 score.


The D2 final game was a Guns vs. Guns shoot out between the Oxnard PD "Regulators" and Unlawful Assembly. Oxnard made it to the finals by winning both of their playoff games by a single run while Unlawful Assembly edge out their opponents with more tight scores. Oxnard PD came out swinging and scoring but Unlawful Assembly was in hot pursuit. Unfortunately the Assembly ran out of steam and was unable to apprehend the "Regulators". After the smoke cleared it was the Oxnard PD over Unlawful Assembly, 28-17.


The D3 championship game was a tight Guns & Hoses battle between Huntington Beach PD "Blues" and Santa Monica Fire. It was another back and forth fight between the Guns and Hoses. The firefighters from Santa Monica did their best to extinguish HBPD's scoring drives, but the Blues form HB out gunned the hoses from Santa Monica with a final score of 21-17.

As always we would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the players and fans who attended the event as well as all your patience while waiting for this "make-up" game during the off season. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the March Madness "St. Patty's Party" tourney in March and the April Fools Frenzy next month.

-Team G & H

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