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9-11 Memorial Tournament 2015 Recap

Teams gather for 9-11 Memorial Tournament on Sept 26th

There were 14 teams prepped to duke it out after the sign up deadline, but unfortunately one of those teams had to throw in the towel prior to even stepping onto the field. On Friday, word came that one team lost some players and would have to live to fight another day. So the 13 teams that remained, started at 0830 on Saturday morning and continued until around 1800 hours, when two separate Division Champions were crowned. The fields were blessed with some nice coastal breezes and lower temperatures as this one was held relatively close to the Pacific Ocean, at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.

The teams that were able to get enough players and hang in there, were broken down by caliber of play into two very evenly matched divisions. There were some new teams to G & H this month and we welcome those teams to the Guns & Hoses Softball circuit.

All teams played some round robin games and then based upon pool play records, the teams then were seeded, and moved on to the single-elimination brackets. There were two Div 1 teams that were looking for some game time to prep for a larger upcoming tournament. Those teams were set up to play 5 round robin games each and then call in a day. Both agreed to this and were thankful to the Division 2 teams that afforded them the opportunity to ball.

When the dust settled the pool play wins/losses were as follows:


1 – RSD (Division 1 team round robin games only)
2 – Edwards Experimental 1-2
3 – Pickles (unable to field a team)
4 – Team 47 1-2

5 – D.C. (Division 1 team round robin games only)
6 – Torrance PD 1-2
7 – Unlawful Assembly 1 -2
8 – Oink 2-1


1 – 77th Street “Cool Arrows” 2-1
2 – LA Probation SEO 1-2
3 – Originals 3-0

4 – OCSD “Ball Bags” 1-2
5 – Cheaters 1-2
6 – Culver City Fire 1-2

After pool play concluded, it was a win or go home scenario once bracket play started. There were some close victories and also some lop-sided wins as several of the teams were battling injuries or losing key players that had to head into work (which is very typical in the Public Safety Softball realm).

DIVISION II Bracket Playoff’s

After the Div I teams packed their bags and headed for the exits, it was solely the Div II teams left to battle it out. Torrance PD, whom was running very tight on player as it was, lost 2 more at the end of round robin. The team captain felt it was best for them to call it a day rather than go into the playoffs shorthanded. With that said, four teams remained to square off. The upper have of the brackets saw Unlawful Assembly pummel another shorthanded team. Team 47 was playing with only eight guys on the field and it showed during a 27-7 loss to the Unlawful Assembly of Rogue Officers. The lower half was witness to a very close battle between Edwards AFB Experimental and Team Oink. When it was over, Team Oink squeaked out a 19-17 win. The finals were set and it was a re-match of an earlier pool play game in which Team Oink upended Unlawful Assembly. The team of mixed Officers “assembled” for this one and walked away with the Division II title 19-5. Congratulations to Unlawful assembly for battling it out all day long and claiming the Championship as their own.

DIVISION III Bracket Playoff’s

Just as the Division III brackets were about to begin, another team fell victim to injuries and not enough players to field a team. Culver City Fire looked srappy all day, but when their pitcher sustained a contusion to one of his arms, it was time for the tough as nails Fire team to gracefully bow out, and allow LA Probation SEO to move forward in the brackets. In the lower half of the brackets, LAPD Cool Arrows almost doubled up on OCSD Ball Bags, final score 15-8, Cool Arrows advance. The semi-finals were set, and in the upper half the “Originals” hailing from San Diego faced off against LA Probation. This was a very evenly matched game, but when the buzzer sounded Originals came out on top 17-13. Team 77th Street Cool Arrows had looked solid all day but they ran out of gas just when team “Cheaters” found their sleepy sticks and woke em up with a 32-12 romp. The Championship was set with the Originals, whom were undefeated all day at this point, but with several of their players limping in to the finals with injuries, up against a rejuvenated team Cheaters. You all can guess how this one wound up as Cheaters continued their momentum and Originals were hanging on for dear life. When the dust settled it was Cheaters taking the Division III Championship 28-6. Congratulations to team Cheaters Division III Champs!

All in all it was a great day of Public Safety Softball competition and camaraderie. The weather was unbeatable and DJ “Rugburn Supreme” was bumpin the jams while the boys were ballin-it-up on the diamonds!

The next G & H tournament will be the annual “Oktoberfest” and will be held at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex (upper half Fenced Fields).

We appreciate and value your support and we look forward to seeing everyone next month at the “Oktoberfest” event. - Team G & H

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