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Oktoberfest Tourney 2016 Recap

Oktoberfest 2016 Delivers with Good Times and Great Ball!

The annual Oktoberfest tournament marks the end of the Guns & Hoses “Regular Season” , leaving only the prestigious T.O.C. (Tournament of Champions) as the 2016 season finale. The Oktoberfest Tournament was held under beautiful clear blue skies, making for picture perfect, cool, coastal softball weather that hovered around 72 degrees all day long. Seven Public Safety teams battled for Guns & Hoses glory at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex this past Sunday.

The G & H atmosphere was filled with the usual high energy and rockin tunes bumpin over the big speakers, by DJ “Big J”.

As always, the competition was tight with lots of close games, while the camaraderie was in full swing with good times had by all in attendance. In the spirit of Oktoberfest, teams battled for bragging rights as well as the coveted prize of varieties of “Fall featured Oktoberfest beer” and G & H “Aggro” Flex-fit Caps.

Pool Play games were evenly matched, but when the dust settled pool play records were as follows:

Pool A
1 - LAPD 77th St. “Cool Arrows” 3-0
2 - Culver City PD “Cowboys” 2-1
3 – Local 47 1-2
4 – Culver City Fire 0-3 (Forfeits)

Pool B
1 – Fort Irwin “Independence” 3-0
2 – Edwards AFB “Experimental” 2-1
3 – “Unlawful Assembly” 1-2
4 – LA County “Bad Boys” 0-3

Single Elimination Playoffs

The opening round saw LA County Bad Boys battle it out with Edwards AFB Experimental. Both teams were loaded for bear and a ton of runs were scored as Bad Boys outlasted Experimental 25-21. Over on Field 7 Culver City Cowboys faced off with Unlawful Assembly. In an evenly matched head to head dust-up, Unlawful Assembly edged out the Cowboys 20-16. The final opening round match up was the Army Dogs of Fort Irwin “Independence” versus the battle hardened boys representing Local 47. When the ump screamed “Ball game” it was Fort Irwin on top 17-8.

The semi-finals were both nail-biters, as LAPD 77th Street Cool Arrows squeaked by LA County Bad Boys 14-13. In the lower half of the brackets, a defensive battle ensued as Fort Irwin edged past their “arch-nemesis” Unlawful Assembly 9-7.

The Championship game was set. Both LAPD Cool Arrows and Fort Irwin were undefeated all day long. But, someones “0” had to go! In this very evenly matched head to head battle, the score was all knotted up at the end of 7 innings of regulation. The Championship game went into “Guns & Hoses Sudden Death Overtime”. Fort Irwin came up in the extra inning, and per G & H Rules, Fort Irwin loaded the bases and started with 2 outs. The Army boys from the high desert were unable to plate a run, as the next batter made an out, and thus out to the field they went. LAPD Cool Arrows now had their shot at delivering the game winning hit and they loaded the bases as well. With 2 outs and the bases loaded, the next batter came up for the scrappy LAPD team, and despite being under intense pressure, that next batter did indeed deliver a game winning hit! Final count LAPD Cool Arrows 11, Fort Irwin 10! Congratulations to LAPD for earning the title of Guns & Hoses 2016 Oktoberfest Champions!

As always we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to all the teams and fans whom participated in this year’s Oktoberfest tourney. The next G & H Tournament will be the annual TOC at Huntington Beach Sportsplex on Sunday, November 6th. This year ending celebration is always one of the best tournaments of the season and the last chance to do some quality ballin’ before old man winter arrives and the G & H season comes to another close. Please drop us an e-mail and let us know you’ll be there for all the games and good times.

- Team Guns & Hoses

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