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Cool August Days 2017 - Tourney Recap

Public Safety Teams engage in battle at 2017 Cool August Days!

Twelve teams were able to get the needed ten bodies on the field, and were poised to battle it out, all the way to the Championship on August 20th at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex. The bats were hot, the gloves were hot, and there were players blazing hot around the base-paths. But the weather was nice, mild, and COOL down by the Pacific coast, for a great day of ball!

As always, there were several other teams that wanted in, but just couldn’t muster up the ten players needed. The teams that were able to get enough players to field a team, were broken down by equal caliber for round-robin/pool play. .

All teams played their two round robin games and then based upon pool play records, all teams then were seeded and moved on to single elimination bracket play. To keep it interesting, there was a “David” bracket and a “Goliath” bracket. The winners of each bracket would face each other for the Championship.

When the dust settled the pool play wins/losses were as follows:

1 – MCLB Barstow “Saints” 2-0
2 – “Unlawful Assembly” 1-1
3 – “Pickles” 0-2

4 – Edwards AFB “Experimental” 2-0
5 – San Diego Combo 1-1
6 – LA Probation SEO 0-2

7 – LASD Compton 2-0
8 – State Inv. “Sting” 1-1
9 – McCormicks “Militia” 0-2

10 – McCormicks “Mets” 2-0
11 – CHP “Dirty 530” 1-1
12 – “Los Bandits” 0-2

With pool play finished, it was time to get down and dirty in the “single-elimination” brackets for each division. There were some very close games that could have gone either way, but again, this is a win and advance or lose and pack your bags once playoffs begin.

In the opening round of the playoffs, new to the circuit McCormicks Militia faced off against Ventura County’s “Los Bandits”. The weather was cool, but the Bandits bats had been cold up to this game. The Bandits saved the majority of their runs scored all day, specifically for this game, a whopping 32!. The Militia, being new to the circuit were a little shy at the plate, and only crossed 12. Bandits move on. Over on field #2 CHP “Dirty 530” went toe-to-toe with State Investigators “Sting” in a back and forth battle. When the umpire called “time”, it was the scrappy CHP team that prevailed 16-10. Field #4 had old-timers LA Probation squaring off against another new team to the G & H circuit, LASD Compton. Compton started the day strong going 2-0, and LA Probation was opposite at 0-2. But that was the past, because the veterans from LA Probation came out swinging and sent the new guys home, 28-8. Field #3 was witness to a very evenly matched game, which could go either way. It was a see-saw battle, but in the end, “Pickles” clipped San Diego Combo 21-13.

Round two of the playoffs saw even more action, as the undefeated McCormick’s “Mets” continued to have their way with “Los Bandits”, with an 18-8 victory, Mets move on. Over on field #2, The “Dirty 530” CHP team ran out of steam, as the cagey veterans of LA Probation racked up the runs, taking the win 22-9. Another undefeated team on the day, MCLB “Saints” plated up against “Pickles”. This game was a 2 run game going into the final inning, when Pickles couldn’t keep pace with the Saints. Final count 18-8, Saints advance. The last game of this round took place over on field #4, where the motley crew of “Unlawful Assembly” locked horns with Edwards AFB “Experimental”. Edwards was also undefeated on the day up to this point. But, the past is the past, and 10 runs weren’t enough to keep pace with the 18 runs scored by the Unlawful boys.


Now, the semi-final match ups were set. Only 4 teams remained to battle it out for Guns & Hoses Glory! Field #2 pitted the red-hot McCormicks Mets, versus the wirey old veteranos representing LA Probation. The Mets continued their winning ways and secured the “David” Division 20-8. Mets stay undefeated and move to the Championship game! The other semi-final was indeed an epic “Clash of the Titans”, when undefeated MCLB “Saints” took the field against “Unlawful Assembly”. Unlawful Assembly’s only loss of the day was a pool play defeat to the Saints early in the day. Unlawful was seeking revenge, and the Saints had the finals in their sights. This game was a true boat race all the way to the end and then some. After regulation ended, they were all knotted up at 21 runs each. Sudden death overtime saw Unlawful load the bases and start with 2 outs. They were able to plate 3 runs, and when the Saints had their chance at the same scenario, they did not get a hit when it counted most. Final score 24-21 Unlawful Assembly moves to the finals.

The “David” versus “Goliath” Championship was set. Representing the David bracket was the undefeated McCormicks Mets, and the Goliath brackets produced Unlawful Assembly. To bring a little excitement into the mix, the David team was given a head start of 7 runs to begin the first inning. This game was billed at being much closer, but on this cool coastal day when the Mets bats had been Red Hot all day, they reached near freezing temperatures as the undefeated Mets could only plate 4 runs, and Unlawful Assembly crossed the dish 22 times. All day up to this point, the Mets had truly looked like they could compete and win against any team out there. But, this is why we play, because teams get hot, and teams get cold. The Mets got cold when it counted most. The 4 runs they mustered up was not enough combined with the 7 given, thus Unlawful Assembly took home the Championship and the 36-packs of Coors and Coors light!

All in all, it was a great day of Public Safety Softball competition and camaraderie. The weather was unbeatable and DJ “Quick-J” was bumpin the jams while the teams were balling on the fields.

The next G & H tournament will be the annual “Oktoberfest” event to be held Sunday October 1st, at the HB Sportsplex (upper half – Fenced Fields).

We appreciate and value your support and we look forward to seeing everyone next month at the “Oktoberfest” Tournament.


- Team G&H

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