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2021 Cool August Days Tournament Recap

The “Cool August Days” Tournament was Hot with Action and Cool with weather!

The 2021 Guns & Hoses “Cool August Days” Tournament was filled with good times on and off the field. The weather started out a little overcast, but quickly turned to just about perfect softball weather, with the sun poking through the clouds and a calm cool coastal breeze blowing off the Pacific as the ballers brought forth their best on the fields!

Although there were a limited amount of teams this month, the teams that did round up the 10 bodies needed, all received extra pool play games, to assist with shaking off the dust from the past 18 months of Covid lockdowns. We turned and burned through the pool play games, and on to the single elimination seeded/bracketed portion of the tournament. There were many close games, and then there were the games that despite the sun in the sky, some hitting went ice cold. All teams that participated were pretty evenly matched, so it was anyone’s tournament to win! All teams qualified for the playoffs.

The usual G & H vibe was alive and thumping, both on and off the field, with the pumping tunes from DJ “Easy-J”, and many of the fans, families, players, wives, and girlfriends were caught movin and shakin to the tunes bumpin over the big speakers.

Being an odd number of teams (7), all teams received 3 pool play games except for Camp Pendleton “First 2 Fight” which was given a fourth pool game to ensure all teams played at least 3 pool games. Pool Play records looked like this:

3-0 LASD “Slaps”
3-0 West Covina “Freak Show”
3-1 Camp Pendleton “First 2 Fight”
1-2 “Hard Times”
1-2 Local 47 “Storm”
0-3 “Unlawful Assembly”

Once pool play ended, all teams moved on to the single elimination brackets portion of the tournament. No matter what your pool play record was coming into the brackets, it was now a “win or pack your trash” scenario.

This tournament was truly very evenly matched and any team could have gone all the way. So consistency was the key to advancing each round. As previously mentioned, there were many close games with tight scores that literally came down to one good or bad inning that decided the majority of the games.

The opening round of playoffs saw Local 47 “Storm” lock horns with a familiar foe, “Hard Times”. These two teams have been very evenly matched over the past few years and its always unpredictable which team will prevail. Hard Times got the best of Local 47 last month in Palm Springs, and 47 returned the favor by clipping Hard Times 28-21 in an offensively explosive, action packed game! Over on field #5, the Marines of “First 2 Fight” were facing off against “Unlawful Assembly” which they had squeezed by earlier in the day by 1 run. Well the Assembly of LEO’s were having Déjà Vu as the Fightin Leathernecks edged em out again 14-13. Field #8 was witness to LASD IRC squaring off against the Firefighters of West Covina. The bats of the Firemen heated up at the right time as they rolled on to a 16-3 victory.

On to the semi-finals and over to field #6. Local 47’s earlier win gave them the opportunity to face off against #1 seed and undefeated LASD “Slaps”. The “Storm” was raging last game when they scored 28 runs, but the raging storm absolutely fizzled when they could only muster up 1 run, which was no match for the bat-slapping of the LASD team. Final count 16-1, LASD “Slaps” moves on to the Championship game. The other semi-final match up saw undefeated West Covina Fire up against USMC “First 2 Fight”. Earlier in the day, during pool play, the Firefighters handed the Jarheads their only defeat on the day. This battle was a different animal all together as the Marines were absolutely the first to fight, as they plated 15 runs in the first inning! The Marines hailing from Camp Pendleton never looked back as they continued to run up the score each inning. The fire was completely drenched and smothered for West Covina as they could only gather up 3 runs. In the end the Marines moved on to the final 29-3.

The Championship game was set. Undefeated on the day was LASD “Slaps” up against the young, wirey, and motivated Marines from Camp Pendleton. Team Slaps continued to do just that as they plated 14 runs. When the dust settled, “First 2 Fight” was only able to cross home 3 times. Final score 14-3, LASD “Slaps” is crowned the 2021 “Cool August Days” Champions! For their efforts Slaps took home the bragging rights, cases of Corona Long necks, G & H Flex-fit ballcaps, and the custom G & H Covid Masks! Congratulations to LASD Slaps for going undefeated on the day!

All in all, it was a great day to ball and all teams played between 4 to 7 games, so plenty of bang for the bucks!

We at Guns & Hoses Softball would once again like to extend a sincere appreciation for all the teams, players, and fans that participated in the 2021 “Cool August Days” event. We look forward to seeing everyone back again for the 9-11 Memorial “Patriot 1-Pitch” at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex on Sunday September 12th. We hope to see you there!

- Team G & H

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