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2022 April Foolz Frenzy - Tourney Recap

Public Safety Teams Battle it out During the 2022 April Foolz Frenzy at Mile Square Park

The Guns & Hoses Softball 2022 “April Foolz Frenzy” was witness to six teams slugging away at each other in Fountain Valley this past Sunday. The games were played under perfect Spring weather conditions and the atmosphere was filled with good times and fun, both on and off the field. There were many more teams that wanted to play, but just couldn’t quite get enough breathing human beings to field a team. All the teams that participated were pretty evenly matched from the start. So, it came down to some teams getting hot, while others saw their bats go cold when it mattered most. The tournament was rockin’ with good tunes bumpin from the big speakers all day long as DJ “Big Jockstrap Jay” kept the eclectic mix of songs flowin from start to finish. The café between the fields was open and grillin cheeseburgers, dogs, and more all day long. Because there were only six teams that were able to muster up the bodies and we had the fields and we had the time, all teams were given an extra pool play game, to get more bang for the bucks! When the dust settled for the pool play records looked like this:

3-0 Local 47 Storm
1-2 Hard Times
1-2 Pickles

3-0 Govt Issue
1-2 American Freedom Fund
0-3 LASD IRC Slaps


The opening round of games saw #2 seed American Freedom Fund avenge an earlier pool play defeat , as they found some freedom at the plate by scoring 25 runs, as #3 seed, team Pickles was “well pickled” from their nice refreshing beverages throughout the day, and could only muster up 10 runs. American Freedom Fund moves on to the next round. Pickles Team Captain “Dirk da Twerk” vowed to be back to fight another day and wrote a check for the very next G&H tournament in the month of May. Over on field #1, the #3 seed LASD IRC Slaps locked horns with #2 seed Hard Times. The Corrections Officer team did indeed fall upon hard times as they could only drum up 10 runs as the Sheriff team slapped the ball to and fro and plated 13 runners. LASD IRC Slaps advances on.

The semi finals were off to an interesting start as we had two teams that were still undefeated on the day. One of those teams was Local 47 Storm that took their 3-0 record to field #4 to slug it out with American Freedom Fund. The Linemen got electric as they plated 14 runs, while the funds were running out for the combo team of Veterans. AFF ran out of gas in this one and were no where near the 25 runs scored in their previous game, as they touched home base only 8 times in this one. Local 47 remained undefeated at 4-0 and advances into the Championship game. The other semi-final game pitted the Deputies of LASD IRC against NAVY Govt Issue again. During pool play Govt Issue barely squeaked past the Sheriff team by a score of 21-19. Would this game have a different outcome? It might have, if the LASD IRC could make the first inning disappear. Govt Issue jumped out BIG as they slapped IRC around during the first inning, scoring 16 runs! LASD played stellar defense after that inning and only gave up 5 additional runs for the rest of the game. The problem was the LASD bats could not match their defense as they plated only 4 runners all game. The score was 21-4 when umpire called the game. Govt Issue remained undefeated on the day, also at 4-0, and moved into the final.

The Championship game was now set, and both teams were 4-0, but somebodys “0” has got to go! Let the rumble begin between Local 47 Storm and NAVY Govt Issue! Both teams came to play and it was a back and forth battle all game long as they played a full 7 innings of fist-ta-cuffs softball. Trailing by 7 runs and going into their last at bat, Local 47 started strong with a triple down the right field line by team captain “Big David Goliath”. Dave was knocked in by the next batter, but, unfortunately for Local 47 their storm was over, and that was the only run scored in their last up’s. It wasn’t enough to match the 29 plate touches by Govt Issue. Final count 29-23 Govt Issue claimed the 2022 “April Foolz Frenzy” Championship! Congrats to the NAVY team out of San Diego! As they drove southbound, they took with them bragging rights and team 36-Packs of Bud & Bud Light!

As always, Guns & Hoses would like to extend our sincere gratitude for all the teams and fans for making this year’s “April Foolz Frenzy” such a huge success. We hope to see everyone back again for the annual “Drinko De Mayo” Tournament, Sunday May 22nd in Huntington Beach.

– Team G & H

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