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2017 Surf City Shootout - Tourney Review

Eight Evenly Matched Teams Battle it out at the Beach in the 2017 “Surf City Shootout!”

The annual Surf City Shootout kicked off under overcast skies and the threat of potential rain. But the clouds quickly opened up, and gave way to beautiful sunshine all tournament long. The annual “Shootout” was held at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex, with the usual Guns & Hoses camaraderie and competition in full swing and the feel of spring in the air.

Nine teams had signed up to ball, but Fullerton Fire lost some players in the overnight hours and was unable to field a team come Sunday morning. That left 8 teams in the mix to battle it out for Guns & Hoses Glory!

The HB Sportsplex was witness to the usual festive G & H atmosphere, complete with cheering fans, tight scores, and pumping tunes over the big speakers courtesy of DJ “EZ J”.

All teams played two warm-up round robin games, and no matter what a team’s pool play record was, all teams advanced into the single elimination bracketed portion of the play-offs. There were many close games and tight scores throughout pool play, so this was absolutely any team’s tournament to win! It all came down to which teams soaked up the sun, and used it to get hot, and which teams played like they just walked out of the deep freezer straight onto the field. When pool play was all said and done the round robin records were:

A Pool
2-0 “Unlawful Assembly”
1-1 DHS “Fed Ex”
0-2 LA County Probation SEO

B Pool
1-1 “Los Bandits”
1-1 OCSD “Clowns”
(Forfeit) Fullerton Fire

C Pool
2-0 “Ten Ringers”
1-1 State Inv. “Sting”
0-2 CHP “No Glove, No Love”

As previously mentioned, there were very tight scores throughout the pool play games and in many instances it came down to the final inning to decide the winner. For the most part, those close games continued into the playoffs, and all games were closer than the scores would lead to believe. Many times the win came down to one good inning at the plate (or one bad inning in the field) depending on which side you were on. The first round of the playoffs opened up over on field #7 with the mixed law enforcement team of “Unlawful Assembly” squaring off against the CHP team from the Inland Empire “No Glove No Love”. The Chippies couldn’t get hot at the plate when it counted most. Final count 19-6 Unlawful Assembly advances to the next round. Next up was a very close boat race to the finish between State Inv. “Sting” and “Los Bandits” from Ventura County. This back and forth battle lasted till the final inning, when “Sting” stung the Bandits 16-15 in a nail-biter at the finish. Over on Field 8, two more powerful bulls were locking horns, while beating up on each other all game long. But, when the dust settled, it was DHS “Fed Ex” clipping the Deputies from OCSD “Clowns” 15-13, and moving on to fight again. The final game of the opening round pitted the scrappy little Co-Ed team of “Ten Ringers” facing perennial powerhouse LA Probation SEO. The ladies and gents representing Ten Ringers started the first two innings on fire and never looked back. LA Probation came out slow and only plated 4 runs in the first few innings. Ten Ringers continued to blaze out of control and Probation could not extinguish the fire. The umpire had to put the fire our himself, in an act of mercy after the 5th inning. The scrappy lil Co-Edder’s move on 24-6!

The first semi-final match up saw a lopsided affair between “Unlawful Assembly” and State Inv. “Sting”. It appeared that “Sting” had used up all of their paralyzing venom in the previous game. Unlawful Assembly broke the laws of offense, and in doing so, broke out a bunch of timely runs. Sting, looking a little hazy, couldn’t match the offense or defense from the hodge-podge of randomly assembled coppers, and when it was ruled a mercy in the 5th inning, Assembly was up 16-1 on the boys of Sting.

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