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2017 "March Madness - St. Patty's Party" Tourney Review

The 2017 Guns & Hoses Softball Season Opener once again proved to be an action packed event with many tight battles and close scores. The season opening “March Madness – St Patty’s Party” kicks off the first of 9 tournaments in the Guns & Hoses Softball tournament series scheduled for this season.

This years annual “March Madness - St. Patty’s Party” took place on Sunday March 5th at the Mile Square Park Sports Complex in Fountain Valley. The games started under cloudy skies, with the second round of playoffs seeing some light drizzle. But the teams battled through the drizzle and the skies indeed opened up again, as the warm sun over the Pacific showed its mug.

We turned and burned through the games, with a start time of 8:30 and a finish time of 5:30. The day was witness to many close contests as the majority of the games were decided by 5 or less runs all day long. There were only a few games in which team’s bats got hot, while the other team went cold. All of the 11 teams that participated were pretty evenly matched, so it was anyone’s tournament to win!

It was good to see many returning teams including a couple of teams that we haven’t seen in a few years. The 2017 season started, right where the 2016 season ended, with tight scores and great camaraderie between a bunch of Police, Fire and Military teams as they fought for Guns & Hoses glory!

The usual G & H vibe was alive and thumping, both on and off the field, with pumping tunes from DJ “Big J”, and many of the fans, families, players, wives, and girlfriends were caught movin and shakin to the tunes bumpin over the big speakers. Lampost Pizza was on scene with a couple of their cuties passing out deep discounted coupons to the teams that participated. Lampost was the “during”, and “after” tournament gathering spot and many of the teams made their way over to Lampost for great food and spirits, while the kids played in the game room and the teams enjoyed all the sports showcased on the big screens. Big shout out to Johnny and Kurt and the lovely ladies of Lampost Pizza!

Teams were locked in heated competition and had their eyes on the prizes, which consisted of a case of celebratory “St. Patty’s Party Jameson’s Irish Whiskey” and a team Pizza party courtesy of Lampost Pizza.

“March Madness – St. Patty’s Party” Round Robin Pool Play went a lil like this:

2-0 ARMY Fort Irwin “Independence”
1-1 “Unlawful Assembly”
0-2 Team 47

2-0 Edwards AFB “Experimental”
1-1 SD Combo
1-1 “Pickles”
0-2 Military Protocol

2-0 LASD “Red”
1-1 OC Fire
1-1 LA Probation SEO
0-2 Garden Grove Fire


Once pool play ended, all teams moved on to the single elimination brackets portion of the tournament. No matter what your pool play record was coming into the brackets, it was now a “lose one and pack your bags” situation.

This tournament was truly very evenly matched and any team could have gone all the way. So consistency was the key to advancing each round. As previously mentioned, there were many close games with tight scores that literally came down to one good or bad inning that decided the majority of the games.

There were two teams that did remain consistent all day both in the field and at the plate. Those two teams were LASD Red and Fort Irwin Independence. Both teams plated the necessary runs to win their pools and then also triumphed in their first two games of the playoffs. Both “Red” representing LA County Sheriff’s and “Independence” representing the U.S. Army were 4-0 going into the Championship game. But someone’s “0” has got to go!

The game was a back and forth see-saw battle, with each team plating runs when the score was on the line. LASD Red took the lead 23-19 going into the final inning. Fort Irwin, whom had hot bats all day, went cold when they needed it most. In their final at bat, Independence was only able to bring four hitters to the plate. Although each ball was hit well, it was right at a defensive player. LASD held tough on defense and with that, held on to secure the victory 23-19. Congratulations to LASD “Red”, for going 5-0 on the day, and earning the 2017 “March Madness – St. Patty’s Party” Championship. For the victory, LASD earned a case of “Jameson Irish Whiskey” and a Pizza Party courtesy of Lampost Pizza.

We at Guns & Hoses Softball would once again like to extend a sincere thank you for all the teams, players, and fans who participated in this years 2017 “March Madness - St. Patty’s Party”. Sunday was the perfect opening day for the 2017 Guns & Hoses season and we look forward to seeing everyone back again during the course of the regular season.

The next tournament is the “April Foolz Frenzy” on Saturday April 1st and will again be held at Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley. See you there!!!

- Team G & H

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