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Teams gather for 9-11 Memorial Tournament on Sept 8th

9 11 tourney smThere were 5 teams prepped to duke it out after the sign up deadline. Several more teams tried to get enough bodies to field a team, but fell short. This was not necessarily a bad thing for the teams that did sign up. We had the time and the fields, so all teams got a whopping “4 Pool Play games”, followed by single elimination brackets. So each team played a minimum of 5 games! Games kicked off at 0830 Sunday morning and continued until around 1730 hours, when the Champions were crowned. The fields were blessed with some nice coastal breezes and lower temperatures as this one was held close to the Pacific Ocean, at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex.

We welcomed two teams back to the G & H circuit that we haven’t seen in a few years (Covina PD and Costa Mesa Fire).

All teams played the 4 round robin games and then based upon pool play records, the teams then were seeded, and moved on to the single-elimination brackets.

When the dust settled the pool play wins/losses were as follows:

1 – Unlawful Assembly 3-1
2 – C.O.V. 3-1
3 – Sting 2-2
4 – Local 47 1-3
5 – Costa Mesa Fire 1-3

After pool play concluded, all teams (and even some wives, girlfriends, friends and family) gathered on the Championship Field to line up in the infield. Everyone in attendance observed a 60 second moment of silence to pay tribute to all of the Public Safety First Responders and civilians that lost their lives on September 11th 2001. After the Moment of Silence concluded, the short-stop from team Sting, rallied everyone in a huddle, spoke some very moving words about all of the players being brethren as First Responders. He then led the players in a chant on the count of three…1…2…3 “U.S.A.”!!! It was truly awesome to be a part of those few minutes on Field #7 in Huntington Beach on this day.

Let the playoffs begin! Now, it was a win or go home scenario once bracket play started. There were some close victories and also some lop-sided wins as several of the teams were battling injuries or losing key players that had to head into work (which is very typical in the Public Safety Softball realm).

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