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9-11 Memorial Tourney 2012 Recap

9-11 Memorial Tourney Heats Up in Tustin with Lots of Competition, Camaraderie and even an on-field Marriage Proposal

The annual 9-11 Memorial Tournament marked the end of the 7th inning stretch and the beginning of the post season action. With only 2 tournaments left on the 2012 G & H schedule the season-long points chase is still up for grabs as well as some great softball tourney action before old man winter arrives and the G & H season comes to another close.

The Tustin weather was hot but the softball action was hotter. There were 15 teams and 2 divisions battling it out for Guns & Hoses glory as well as ice cold beer and G & H championship beer steins.

Archie and Rated Athletics were on hand slangin both brand new 2013 softball equipment as well as blowing out last years equipment. Of course Jolie from the massage Zone was also on hand to help athletes with old softball injuries as well as preventing future injuries.

The round robin game between Edwards AFB Rattlers and CHP Pound Da Gap took an interesting turn when the game was brought to halt when lead off batter, Joe Fletcher called time out, brought his girlfriend out to home plate, dropped to one knee, produced a ring and asked girlfriend for her hand in marriage. She said no way will she ever spend the rest of her life with such a softball obsessed individual. Just kidding, she said yes. Now the only questions is where will the newly weds honeymoon, The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown? The MLB All-Star Game (also in NY in 2013)? Hmmmmm.

Pool Play / Round Robin games went something like this....

A1 - Navy Milspec 1-1
A2 - USMC Camp Pendleton 1-1
A3 - OC Hung Jury 1-1

B1 - Unlawful Assembly 1-1
B2 - Edwards AFB Rattlers 1-1
B3 - CHP Pound Da Gap 1-1

C1 - LAPD Lawmen 2-0
C2 - LASD CJ Red 1-1
C3 - Mixed Nuts 0-2

D1 - Culver City PD Chaos 2-0
D2 - CMC Goon Squad 1-1
D3 - USBP Brushouts

E1 - DMV/DOI Sting 2-0
E2 - LA Probation SEO 1-1
E3 - SBSD Smokin Gunz 0-2


The D1 final game saw G & H regulars Milspec and Unlawful Assembly go head to head. The game was close with a 1 run advantage going to Milspec after the second and third innings. But in typical Milspec style the team came on strong in later stages of the game. Milspec drove in a whopping 16 runs during the 4th and 5th innings which proved to be insurmountable for Unlawful Assembly who could only answer with a handful of runs. The Navy shutdown any counter assault and closed out the game with a decisive 23-11 final score and a 9-11 Memorial Championship victory.

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