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Surf City Showdown Tourney Recap 2012

Military Teams Storm the Fields in Huntington Beach for the Surf City Showdown

Surf-City-2012-Article-Image-TopThe annual Surf City Showdown officially marked the start of the Guns & Hoses mid-season stretch with 4 tourneys in the books and 5 to more to be played. The annual "Showdown" was held at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex under picturesque cool coastal weather. The usual Guns & Hoses camaraderie and competition was in full swing with the feel of summertime in the air.

Unfortunately the National Police & Fire games were scheduled for the following weekend resulting in only a 14 team tourney, forcing an unusual G & H single division format. But, with only 14 teams, we were able to give all teams an extra round robin game prior to the playoffs and thus more bangs for their bucks!

The return of the summer weather brought the usual festive G & H atmosphere complete with cheering fans, tight scores and pumping tunes from DJ "G". This year's annual Surf City Showdown was also attended by the girls with the magic hands from the Massage Zone who were there to help and heal both new and old softball war wounds. Also on hand and new to the G & H line up was Dr. Randy from Optimized Living, who was there to provide some additional expertise for players who are looking to elevate their game and minimize future injuries. Let's face it, Softball is more dangerous then chainsaw juggling, especially for "mature" players like most of us are these days, so we urge players to get healthy and stay healthy by consulting with Dr. Randy so players can continue to play for many years to come.

Even with the unusual consolidated single division format there were still many close games and tight scores throughout the day. The Surf City Showdown round robin pool play went like this...

A Pool
NAVY Milspec 3-0
Ventura SO Outlaws 1-2
Edwards AFB Rattlers 1-2

B Pool
LASD MCJ Red 2-1
USMC Veterans 2-1
Mixed Nuts 0-3

C Pool
DHS Lowballers 3-0
Unlawful Assembly 2-1
USMC Rookies 1-2
OC Enforcers 0-3


D Pool
LADA Gold 2-1
Cal Fire Hooks & Hose 2-1
Fed Fire Bad Axes 2-1
Team US Postal 0-3

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