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Drinko De Mayo - Tourney Recap 2012

Drinko de Mayo Delivers Caliente Competition and a Grande Softball Fiesta

This year's annual Drinko de Mayo marked round 3 of 9 for the 2012 Guns & Hoses season. The tournament was held in Fountain Valley at Mile Square Park under the usual picture perfect softball weather. With only 22 participating teams we were forced to go with 2 separate divisions instead of our usual 3 (sometimes even 4) separate division format. The Drinko de Mayo tourney delivered the usual competitive games, friendly camaraderie and festive atmosphere.

Teams were not only fighting for Guns & Hoses glory and softball bragging rights but gunning for an extra large case of Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila. Who needs Gatorade and sports drinks, nothing quenches an athlete's thirst like Cuervo Gold. We don't call it "Drinko de Mayo" for nothing. Archie from Worth was on hand with Rated Athletics slangin' all kinds of softball equipment to help players prepare for battle on the fields. DJ "G" was rockin' the tunes while the usual cheering fans in the stands completed the G & H experience.

This was another single elimination tournament giving all teams a 3 game guarantee, 2 round robin game and an automatic playoff berth in their respective divisions. The Pool Play / Round Robin games went something like this...


OCSD Hitmen 2-0
NAVY Milspec 1-1
CHP Pound Da Gap 0-2

Ventura SO Outlaws 2-0
Edwards AFB Rattlers 1-1
Oxnard PD Regulators 0-2

LASD MCJ Red 2-0
Unlawful Assembly 1-1
OC Enforcers 0-2

Mixed Nuts 2-0
USMC Camp Pendleton Veterans 1-1
LAPD Lawmen 1-1
LAPD Flashbang" 0-2

DHS Lowballers 2-0
Los Bandits 1-1
HBPD Blues 0-2

USMC Camp Pendleton Rookies
USBP Brushouts 1-1
LA Probation SEO 0-2

LADA Gold 2-0
Cal Fire Hooks & Hoses 1-1



The D1 final game saw G & H regulars, Oxnard PD Regulators go head to head with long-time past champs Navy Milspec. Oxnard defeated the always formidable OC Hitmen (15-11) and the venomous Edwards AFB Rattlers in a tight double overtime 14-13 battle to clinch a shot at the D1 title. Meanwhile Milspec squeaked by LASD MCJ Red in a close 22-19 battle and then pounded Pound Da Gap (20-2) to secure a final round against the Regulators. In typical Milspec fashion, the boys from San Diego came on strong in the late stages of the tourney. The Regulators came out gunning for victory but didn't have the heavy artillery and firepower of Navy Milspec. When the smoke finally cleared Milspec emerged victorious with a closer than it appeared final score of 14-7. Congrats to Milspec on their Drinko de Mayo D1 championships.

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