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Hot Bats and Great times at the 2019 “Cool August Days” Tournament

The temperature was cool, but the action was Hot, at the 2019 “Cool August Days” Tournament. Seven teams were able to get the players needed to field a team to join in on the competition. The seven teams were poised to battle it out, all the way to the Championship game, on August 18th at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex. Mother Nature definitely did her part to ensure a great tournament was had by all. The morning started out a little overcast, but then the sun broke through the clouds and it was a picture perfect mild day, with cool ocean breezes blowing in from the beautiful Pacific Coast. It was a glorious day for Public Safety Tournament ball!

As always, there were several other teams that wanted in, but just couldn’t muster up the ten players needed. The teams that were able to get enough players to field a team, were broken down by equal caliber for pool play.

All teams played their two pool play games and then based upon pool play records, all teams then were then seeded and moved on to “single-elimination” bracket play.

When pool play concluded the Wins/Losses were as follows:

POOL A – Seeding *** All teams finished 1-1, so it came down to fewest runs allowed.
#1 “Sting”
#2 Local 47
#3 “Pickles”
#4 CHP Capistrano “Riptide”

POOL B - Seeding
#1 CDCR “Familia”
#2 “Unlawful Assembly”
#3 Hawthorne “Lawdawgs”

With pool play finished, it was time to get down and dirty in the “single-elimination” brackets. There were some very close games that could have gone either way, but again, this was a win and advance, or lose and pack your trash scenario, once playoffs began.

In the opening round of the playoffs, over on Field #1 were long time rivals “Unlawful Assembly” and “Pickles”. These two teams know each other well, have great camaraderie, and its always an “either team can win” situation with these two squads. The game was a back and forth, tight boat race until Unlawful Assembly opened it up with runs when they counted most. Final score 20-8 Unlawful Assembly moves on. Over on field #2 CHP Capistrano “Riptide” went toe-to-toe with Local 47. The scrappy CHP team were down to only 9 players as two of their better players pulled hamstrings during pool play games. This proved to be too much to overcome as Local 47 capatalized on Riptide only having 3 outfielders. When the umpire called “time”, it was Local 47 moving on 16-5. Field #3 had the Veterano’s of Hawthorne “Lawdawgs” versus the always consistent mixed LEO team of “Sting”. This was a very evenly matched hard fought battle, but when the dust settled, it was the Lawdawgs feeling the sting and taking the loss 14-11. Sting moves on!

Next round of the playoffs saw even more action, as the undefeated #1 overall seed and newcomer CDCR “Familia” took on Local 47 over on field 2. “Familia” was definitely the team to beat in this tournament, as they walloped their pool play opponents in each of their pool games. Being #1 seed gave the CDCR team a bye, and with that comes a game break. The one game break was enough to cause the Red-Hot bats of Familia to cool way, way, down. In the upset of the day Local 47 outscored Familia 17-7 to move on to the Championship game. The last game of this round took place over on Field 3, where the motley crew of “Unlawful Assembly” locked horns with “Sting”. This was another very even match up, and tight game until Sting opened the door, and Unlawful Assembly went right through, cruising to take the victory 13-7.

The Championship game was all set, and both Unlawful Assembly and Local 47 were both ready to Rock and Roll on this cool coastal day! These two teams have battled many times before and its always a toss-up as anyone could take the victory. The game was close until once again, Unlawful Assembly was given an ounce of daylight, and they broke off their chain and bit hard and fast, taking the Final game and the 2019 Cool August Days Championship 11 to 6! Congratulations to the boys representing “Unlawful Assembly” for being Champions on this day! For their efforts the Champs took home the “Grande-Size” bottles of booze, and many of the wives and girlfriends were seen with large smiles as they carried away the prize packages.

All in all, it was a great day of Public Safety Softball competition and camaraderie. The weather was unbeatable and DJ “Magic-J” received a plethora of compliments for his music mix while bumpin the jams over the big speakers.

The next G & H tournament will be the annual “9-11 Memorial” Tournament to be held Sunday, September 8th at the HB Sportsplex (upper half – Fenced Fields). There will be a scheduled moment of silence to honor all of the fallen heroes of the tragic attack on September 11th, 2001.

We appreciate and value your support and we look forward to seeing everyone next month at the “9-11 Memorial” Tournament. - Team G & H

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