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2019 April Foolz Tourney Recap

The annual “April Foolz” Tournament was Hot with Action and Cool with weather!

The 2019 Guns & Hoses Softball “April Foolz” Tournament was filled with good times on and off the field. The during tourney, and after tourney party spot was none other than Lampost Pizza. The ladies of Lampost were on site to pass out discount flyers for food and beverages for Lampost. Many of the players made their way over to Lampost for great food and spirits. As the kids played in the game room, teams enjoyed all the sports showcased on all the big screens. Big shout out to Johnny and Kurt and the lovely ladies of Lampost Pizza! The weather was just about perfect, with the sun in the sky and a calm cool coastal breeze blowing off the Pacific as the ballers brought forth their best on the fields!

Although there were a limited amount of teams this month, the teams that did round up the 10 bodies needed, all received extra pool play games, to assist with shaking off the dust from the off season. We turned and burned through the pool play games, and on to the single elimination seeded/bracketed portion of the tournament. There were many close games, and then there were the games that despite the sun in the sky, some hitting went ice cold. All teams that participated were pretty evenly matched, so it was anyone’s tournament to win! All teams qualified for the playoffs.

The usual G & H vibe was alive and thumping, both on and off the field, with pumping tunes from DJ “Large Jockstrap J”, and many of the fans, families, players, wives, and girlfriends were caught movin and shakin to the tunes bumpin over the big speakers.

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