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2018 “March Madness – St. Patty’s Party” Tournament Review

The 2018 Guns & Hoses Softball Season Opener once again proved to be an action packed event with many tight battles and close scores. The season opening “March Madness – St Patty’s Party” kicks off the first of 9 tournaments in the Guns & Hoses Softball tournament series scheduled for the 2018 season.

This years annual “March Madness - St. Patty’s Party” took place on Sunday March 4th at the Mile Square Park Sports Complex in Fountain Valley. Electronic scoreboards, 300’ fences, full snack bar, and playgrounds for the kids were the scene for the 2018 season kick-off. It had rained on Friday and the outfields started a little soft, but the sun popped out early and the cool coastal breeze also helped with drying the fields right away.

The new Top-Shelf 2018 Miken Bat line-up debuted at this event and in the opening round of games to start the day, the plastic was taken off, and the new sticks were broken in. Both the umpires and the players quickly saw that these new Mikens are HOT, HOT, HOT, right out of the wrapper! Balls were launched over the 300’ fences all day long!

We had the fields and we had the time, so all teams received an extra round robin game for the same entrance fee. The day was witness to many close contests and back and forth battles. There were only a few games in which team’s bats got hot, while the other team went cold. All of the 10 teams that participated were pretty evenly matched, so it was anyone’s tournament to win!

It was good to see many returning teams and Rancho Cucamonga Fire returned to the G & H scene after a few years hiatus. The 2018 season started right where the 2017 season ended, with tight scores and great camaraderie between a bunch of Police, Fire, and Military teams, as they fought for Guns & Hoses glory!

The usual G & H vibe was alive and thumping, both on and off the field, with pumping tunes from DJ “Easy J”, and many of the fans, families, players, wives, and girlfriends were caught movin and shakin to the tunes bumpin over the big speakers. Lampost Pizza was on scene with a couple of their cuties passing out deep discounted coupons to the teams that participated. Lampost was the “during”, and “after” tournament gathering spot and many of the teams made their way over to Lampost for great food and spirits, while the kids played in the game room and the teams enjoyed all the sports showcased on the big screens. Big shout out to Johnny and the lovely ladies of Lampost Pizza!

Teams were locked in heated competition and had their eyes on the prize, which consisted of Team Dri-Fits and a team Pizza party hosted by Lampost Pizza.

“March Madness – St. Patty’s Party” Round Robin Pool Play unfolded this way:

3-0 MCLB Barstow “Saints”
1-2 “Pickles”
1-2 Fed X
1-2 Edwards AFB “Experimental”


2-1 State Inv. “Sting”
2-1 Team 47
1-2 LA Probation SEO

3-0 “Los Bandits”
1-2 Rancho Cucamonga Fire
1-1 CHP “Dirty 530”

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