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TOC 2017 - Tourney Recap

The 2017 Guns & Hoses Season Grand Finale “Tournament of Champions” saw 15 Teams engage in Battle to be crowned Champions in two separate Divisions.

The 2017 Guns & Hoses softball season finished up with the usual competitive camaraderie, close battles, and tight scores. This year’s Double Elimination TOC was held at the Huntington Beach Sportsplex under suspicion of potential rain at the start, but the cloudy skies opened up early on, and picture perfect softball weather was achieved all day long, with cool coastal breeze and sunny skies. This final Guns & Hoses event of the year would decide which teams will be crowned as the 2017 TOC Champions and thus be forever enshrined upon the big perpetual Guns & Hoses TOC Champions Trophy.


The teams that signed up were divided into two separate divisions (Division I and Division II) based upon current level of play. All teams received two warm up games, then the team Captains made their way to the registration table to choose a sealed envelope containing a random spot on the brackets. After pool play, the teams battled it out in this unique “blind draw” event. This is the one and only G & H tournament of each season where bracket placement is decided with blind draw envelopes instead of the usual pool play record. No matter what your pool play record was, all teams qualified for the Double-Elimination brackets. This style of bracket placement literally meant it all came down to “luck of the draw”. This made things very interesting and very unpredictable.


Pool A
1-1 LA County “Bad Boys”
1-1 CDCR “Heat”
1-1 MCLB Barstow “Saints”

Pool B
2-0 Fort Irwin “Outlaws”
1-1 “Mixed Nuts”
0-2 “Pickles”



Pool C
2-0 Culver City “Cowboys”
1-1 LASAD South “Diamondbacks”
0-2 Fullerton Fire

Pool D
1-1 LAX PD “Bravo Tango”
1-1 State Investigaters “Sting”
1-1 Culver City Fire

Pool E
2-0 Team 47
1-1 OCSD “Clowns”
0-2 “Los Bandits”


After the warm up games of pool play concluded all team captains chose a sealed envelope to determine their teams spot upon the brackets. Now it was time to get down and dirty! It was time to ball, as any team that loses two games would be packing their trash and hittin the road early (see “Brackets” for team placement upon each Divisions set of brackets).


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